In an age when hard-copy magazines are dropping like flies, here are publications that interest us, and are worth supporting, whatever their precise affiliations.  More suggestions (hard copies of current & previous issues please) and reciprocal links/exchange proposals always welcome.  Publications such as those below are candles to illuminate the dark night that is the lot of those who only get information in virtual form, and as such have an intrinsic value way beyond their specific content.  


Northern Voices-- highly idiosyncratic (iconoclastic even!) publication, interesting even if you don't live in the North (West) of England.  An interesting mix of the local and the national (where it intersects).  Like any publication worth its salt, NV has axes to grind, feuds to participate in.  Quite rightly covers a broad swathe of stories--ranging from employer black-listing & council/MP corruption all the way up to film art & poetry.  Prepare to be amused entertained infuriated & even enlightened... 

Shift--  We can't praise this impressive publication highly enough.  New, fairly regular (three times a year), sophisticated, coming from (independent) Left-field.  While perhaps a bit over-theoretical (the German influence?),  well worth supporting, and writing for.  Only £2.50 per issue...At some point (after we have got all our exchange copies), we will carry a more detailed discussion of its content/trajectory.

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